Jamieson Laboratories is Canada’s oldest (1922) and largest manufacturer and distributor of natural vitamins, minerals, concentrated food supplements, herbs and botanical medicines. Their products are used in the treatment and prevention of many prevalent diseases and conditions and are competitively priced and widely known for quality, purity and safety.

Jamieson’s 360 PURE system represents their commitment to elevating industry-leading standards with a full-circle program that ensures Jamieson products are the safest, purest and most effective natural-health supplements on the market.

Ultra-Pharm Marketing Limited is the sole distributor of Jamieson in Trinidad and Tobago and has been providing this quality product to the local market since 1995. During this time, the brand has established itself amongst local consumers as a leading multivitamin and supplement option. It has also built a reputation amongst Doctors and Pharmacists who readily prescribe and dispense these products.

Please note, in addition to the products listed below, customers located in the Caribbean territories are free to order products which are available on Jamieson’s universal portfolio. Click here to view a detailed list of products available.

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